• 6 outputs across 2 locations in United States
  • Part of the Agua4All - Phase One project at South Kern County, CA
  • 150,000 total people impacted
  • Implementation timeline February 2014 to November 2015
  • Last update posted December 23, 2015
  • $2,100,000 total project cost

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Type: Heightened awareness of the health benefits of drinking water
Implementation Start Date: August 17, 2015
Production Date: N/A
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Sharen Butrum
November 11, 2015 web

Educational materials nearing completion include two different posters featuring Wally the Water Droplet, the official Agua4All mascot; an informational brochure for adults; a children's activity book about water consumption and water safety; and the curriculum for elementary students.

The curriculum for older students is being prepared and local partners are assisting RCAC with the translation of all materials into Spanish.

Sharen Butrum
October 6, 2015 web

Local partner, Community Water Center (CWC), held a successful meeting with the principals of all the Arvin schools to plan opportunities for water promotion and education on the Point of Use filter project. CWC also attended several local Back to School nights to conduct educational outreach on the Agua4All campaign. CWC is compiling a comprehensive list of additional school and community events in Arvin and Lamont that will provide opportunities for outreach and education about the locations of safe drinking water TAPs and encourage consumption.

RCAC attended outreach meetings at Haven Drive Middle School to promote the now safe, filtered water and explain the technology. Attendees were excited to know the water is now safe and are looking forward to the installation of the new TAPs and the receipt of reusable water bottles. RCAC has made considerable progress in developing communications materials, including a lesson plan for elementary students. An Agua4All mascot - Wally the Water Droplet - has been created and will be featured in multiple posters, an activity book, stickers and a brochure to be used as giveaways at school and community events. RCAC is meeting bi-monthly with local partners to finalize materials and a timeline for implementing the communications plan.

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